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Pittsburgh Pony Rides - Party Ponies

Our sweet natured well groomed ponies will bring smiles to the faces of the children at your party or event. Pony rides provide the children with memories of happiness and enjoyment, laughter and fun.

We have medium and large ponies that can accommodate riders weighing up to 100 lbs. and ages 1 - 10+. Young children may need an adult or parent to walk along side them.

Children of all ages love the excitement of pony drawn rides!

We've been introducing our ponies to children and operating our carriage service throughout the Pittsburgh area for over 30 years. 

Ponies for a Pony Birthday Party - Fun

They are for us!
You can rent a unicorn for your child's birthday.
You really can!

Affordably priced and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Call us at Ph. 412-781-4532

Rent a Unicorn Pony - Pittsburgh Pony Encounter